About Us

What is "F-Class"?

F-Class, at its core, is a means of expression. Created by a few passionate creators who strive to express something different. Terms like Y2K, vector and stylized may describe our visuals, but F-Class stands for more than our looks: it is a way to connect to others and represent your personality in a universal way.


What are the teams of F-Class all about?

At any given time, people may connect with three animal species that represent the teams of F-Class. Every "semester", these species will change, and so too will the design and core philosophy of each team. New semesters are (tentatively) scheduled to launch twice a year, in order to provide ample time to buy your favorite designs. As of now, the same species will not appear two semesters in a row, and old designs will not make an appearance in future semesters.

Species are decided not just by us, but also by you. When performing a purchase with F-Class, you will be prompted to provide your own vote for a species to appear in the next semester. These votes will help decide who will appear in the next semester.

Additionally, purchases also count as points towards the team whose product they represent. At the end of each semester, the team with the most points will "win" and be rewarded with exclusive products and designs. There will also be other ways throughout the semester to obtain points for each team, so stay tuned on social media.


What is the meaning behind it all?

"F-Class" was initially inspired by the concept of the bottom-tier student whom, having nothing to lose and no support except for their friends, does everything they can to succeed and graduate at the top of their school, with inspiring results. It has since grown to embody self-expression, confidence and personal growth.

The style of F-Class is inspired by a number of sources, namely TV channel bumps such as Adult Swim and G4, Y2K era video games such as Wipeout and Beatmania, various magazine ads from yesteryear, and designer collections such as those from The Designer's Republic and the excellent work of the CARI Institute.

The reason for this adoption of a minimalist vector artstyle is two-fold: we are fond of this era of bright optimism and clean consumer-friendly design, and it has the potential to cross cultures with simple yet effective iconography and flow.


If you wish to contact us, you may do so with the form below. We will try to respond as soon as possible.