F-Class YCH Hawaiian Shirt

Everyone is here!

Welcome to our first class project! Created and sold beginning in late 2022, our YCH Hawaiian Shirt was a collaborative effort between ourselves, a guest artist Creeps, and most notably, our students!

Each student received not only a hawaiian shirt with their sona placed somewhere onto the pattern alongside everyone else, but also a poster, a sticker, and a digital art file of their sona design!

While the collaboration has since ended, we are still selling the YCH Hawaiian Shirt as a standalone product! However, since we only ordered enough for all of the participating students and some extras, stock is EXTREMELY limited!!!

Guest Artist: Creeps! @Creepincrawl

Wash with like colors. Gentle Cold Wash cycle. Inside out. Do not bleach. Dry delicately (preferably air dry) for longest lasting results.