Team Protogen Lanyard

Team Protogen represent!

Welcome to Y2S1 - Year 2, Semester 1!

F-Class is here to shake up your typical lanyard with a brand new look and feel! Featuring a thick, premium elastic band, and rubberized base, these lanyards can do what no other can - they'll even stretch over fursuit heads!

These accessories let you wear your keychains, con passes and other handy items, in style! Whether it be on your neck or hanging out your pocket, you’ll be sure to always have your most important items on hand at all times.

These lanyards are made of a stretchable polyester material, rubberized base and wide-opening metal clip, featuring a bold design on both sides, ensuring your fit will stay fresh without compromise!



  • Material: Elastic Polyester, PVC Rubber and Zinc alloy