Team Protogen Desk Mat

When every CPU cycle counts, you have no time to waste... don't let your desk mat slow you down!

We are thrilled to provide Team Protogen with the best of the best equipment, and our Team Protogen Desk Mats are no exception to that. We've designed these ultra-performant Desk Mats to weather the elements, smooth enough to line up shots in-game or glide your playing cards across the surface, while also not sacrificing on style or comfort.

We've made a number of improvements to our Desk Mats, including a water-resistant material (in case any spills occur), and a premium die-cut shape that only F-Class can provide!

Our Desk Mats come in a large desk-sized shape, fitting a full size keyboard and mouse with room to spare. It also features a comfortable water-resistant micro-fiber material, feeling nice and smooth on your palm or under a mouse! A rubber material underneath the mat will keep it locked in place under tense situations.

We can't be beat with technology on our side! Harness the latest and greatest, and represent Team Protogen.



  • Colorful, eye-catching design featuring the Team Protogen star student, Widget! Pair it with the rest of your setup!
  • 800x300mm size, 3mm thickness
  • Die-cut desk mat style!
  • Anti-fraying stitched edge
  • Micro-fiber cloth top material, rubber base bottom material.