Maw vs Paw NFC Wristband (sold out)

Share your links with this high tech and stylish gear!

F-Class will program your NFC credentials with any URL link. Your high-tech wristband will be unique to you and to you only.

Link Examples: Your Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, FurAffinity, Snapchat, Venmo,, and many more. Any URL link works!

Our NFC wristbands are elastic woven material. 188mm/7.4" in diameter

(NEW!) Our new NFC Wristbands come in special packaging and includes an additional NFC epoxy sticker! Collect them all!




The majority of smartphones today have NFC capability ("Near-Field Communication"). It is a way for devices to wirelessly power and communicate with a receiver a few inches away. They are used in many clever ways, like tapping your card to a hotel door reader or your Amiibo to a Nintendo Switch!

Not only are most phones capable of reading NFC, they can also write to them! The easiest things to set up on our NFC Wristbands are URL links - you can program your wristband to your own social media profiles, a YouTube video, and so much more!

We recommend using a free cross-platform app called "NFC Tools" (orange and white icon with the letter 'N' on it). From there, you may access the "Write" section, add a new record with a link you want on it, and then press the "Write" button and tap the wristband to the NFC spot on your device - you're all set! From there, you (or a friend) can simply tap your phone against the emblem of the wristband and the URL page will prompt to appear! Just a tap and go!

Click here to find out if your phone model has NFC capability.

Note for specific OS's:

  • Android - Make sure NFC is enabled within your settings (Settings -> Connected devices for many, or check your Quick Settings top pull-down menu) and make sure to find the NFC spot on the back of your device (usually top or middle, typically centered, or underneath the camera).
  • iPhone - iPhone models 7, 8 and X (10) have NFC within the quick settings pulldown/pullup menu, you have to press the NFC button before reading the wristband. iPhones 11 and later can read and write to wristbands automatically! The NFC reader is stored in the top of the back of the device, next to the cameras. From our testing, Airplane Mode and Hotspot may affect the performance of NFC reading, pending an update from Apple to address this.

Gently scrub with a warm, lightly wet cloth. When scrubbing, take caution around the NFC chip area not to excessively push or bend it.