INFINITY Hypno Eyes LED Neon Sign

Hypnotize your friends and foes!

These LED neon signs will illuminate your home, workspace, or patio with ease. Each order comes with a dimmer and remote control, and plenty of hanging equipment to make installation quite simple!

This very special LED Neon Sign is not only featuring our brand new INFINITY effect, but it’s also a free-standing LED Neon Sign that works perfectly on your desk as well as on the wall!

(NOTE: This item will ship out in late January!! Please be advised that this will also affect any items you order alongside this one. It’s best to place a second order if you’re looking to purchase other items as well!) 




The LED neon sign is made from an acrylic black base, a mirror-like secondary acrylic cover, and single-color LED strips. There is at least one mounting hole at the top of the sign to clip the attached hanging chains or screws to, or you can free-stand the sign on your desk!

The sign can work without the included dimmer at max brightness, but it is recommended to use it in order to adjust the brightness for your setting!

Note: these signs are NOT waterproof!

  • 1 Infinity Hypno Eyes LED Neon Sign
  • 1 LED Dimmer & light intensity remote controller
  • 1 power strip (US Plug)
  • 2 hanging chains
  • 1 bag of hanging screws + silver covers