GSFC 2024 Bowling Shirt

The staff shirt from GSFC 2024 can be YOURS!

Introducing the Golden State 2024 Bowling Shirt – a bold blend of modern flair and classic 80's retro style. Crafted from premium cotton/polyester, this shirt features an 80's-inspired VHS and nostalgic decorative style. The shirt keeps you feeling fresh with a sporty collar and polo-style buttons.

Whether you're strolling through downtown Los Angeles or surfing your classic 80's media collection at home, this shirt will keep you effortlessly stylish while paying homage to the theme's unique retro-futuristic aesthetic.

Pop in a VHS with your favorite snack, and kick back!

(Note: Ships right away!)



  • Premium cotton/polyester material
  • Bowling style, button-down shirt
  • Featuring GSFC's adorable mascots
  • 80's design homages and references hidden within!