Team Dragon Desk Mat

”Take down my server, huh? Good thing I know who you are!” A puff of smoke escapes his snout, a sign of bravado. Claws gliding across the keyboard, he punches in an IP address, ready to get some revenge…

Taking on the elements throughout the year, Team Dragon tends to favor the more battle-tested tools in their day-to-day accomplishments. To meet their demands, we have designed these XL Desk Mats with comfort, looks and performance in mind.

Our XL Desk Mats come in a large desk-sized shape, fitting a full size keyboard and mouse with room to spare. It also features a comfortable water-resistant micro-fiber material, feeling nice and smooth on your palm or under a mouse! A rubber material underneath the mat will keep it locked in place under tense situations.

Dominate the competition and represent Team Dragon.

  • Stylish, vector-based dark design. Pair it with the rest of your setup with ease!
  • 800x300mm size, 3mm thickness
  • Anti-fraying stitched edge
  • Micro-fiber cloth top material, rubber base material